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Showing 1 to 24 of 2632 videos. The Guy Who Threatened Farmers Fighting For Their Care Was Publicly Shot Dead. Philippines. The Thief Was Covered With Straw And Burned. Uganda. A Woman Burns An Israeli Flag Outside The Palestinian Embassy. Moscow, Russia. Journalists Came Under Israeli Missile Attack.

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Photos with disturbing backstories 1 week ago • 5K views Rex. 0:50. Double Suicide 1 week ago • 7.5K views Rex. 0:27. Death of DUI driver 1 week ago • 7.2K views Rex. 0:10. German man commits suicide whilst attempting to evade arrest 1 week ago • 5.1K views Rex. 2:05. Vietnam War Footage 1 week ago • 3.3K views Rex.

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Sort by "Recent Views". 2:51. Naked black woman dismembered for cartel 1 week ago • 6.2K views nonono. 0:12. Shoot in the head 6 days ago • 2.7K views nonono. 0:24. ISIS blows some fucker up wit a cannon. 3 days ago • 2.7K views gore_goddess_. 0:50. That's one bloody fight. 4 days ago • 2.5K views gore_goddess_.

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gore noun (BLOOD) blood and gore It's a good film, but there's a lot of blood and gore in it. Horror movies have got more sophisticated, turned up the suspense and toned down the gore. Video games are achieving even higher shock value by pairing the latest in computer-generated gore with historical tragedies.

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1. : thick blood from a wound. 2. : violent images or scenes that show a lot of blood. The movie contains excessive violence, gore, and profanity. blood and gore. 2 gore / ˈ goɚ/ verb. gores; gored; goring.


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